• QVLA® Backed Technology

    Our iNSiGHT Series uses the latest QVLA® technology.

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  • K series NFPA Cylinders

    Made in America. Find a distributor near you.

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NFPA Cylinders
NFPA Cylinders made to last, Motion Controls LLC proudly makes all products in the USA.  Click "View Series" to learn more.
Non-NFPA Cylinders
D-Series can help you save money,  with fewer parts to build and stock with different combinations of rod and bore sizes  compared to a...
Electronic Sensing
The iNSiGHT Series uses our patented QVLA® sensing technology and is compatible with NFPA cylinders.

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Motion Control News

The First Programmable Position Cylinder (PPC) The first repairable tie-rod air cylinder with embedded electronics providing a pair of user programmable stop points. This...
The D49 Cylinder was used in SubZero on BattleBots Jerry Clarkin and Jon Durand entered their robot SubZero in a regional Battlebot contest. They used a D49 cylinder with...

Proudly Made in the USA

Motion Controls LLC has delivered 40 years of budget efficient designs, with all products proudly made in the USA.


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QVLA® Sensors

QVLA® is a new cylinder series bringing new rod extension technology, for precise, repeatable and long lasting measurement based on the measurement of light.  


The new technology has been featured in Hydraulics and Pneumatics, World Industrial Reporter, Engineering TV, Machine Design, and more.


Click to learn how QVLA® can help you.

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