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Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders Made In Wisconsin

A New Rod Position Sensing Solution — QVLA®

  • Patented non-touch technology
  • Direct work piece connection
  • NFPA compatible
  • IP67 3-pin M8 connector: PWR-GND-Signal
  • Internal
  • Century sensor life
  • Designed in, not on

Now available in:
• Non-NFPA D Series 1 3/4" bore to 4 1/2" bore
• NFPA K Series 2" bore to 6" bore

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QVLA Catalog

QVLA New Rod Position Sensing Solution

The First Programmable Position Cylinder (PPC)

The first repairable tie-rod air cylinder with em-bedded electronics providing a pair of user programmable stop points. This cylinder design features both NFPA and Non-NFPA configurations.

Programmable Electronics

The iNSiGHT® Series Cylinder is a new design featuring embedded electronics, external keypad and wired outputs for a pneumatic cylinder. Precise repeatable position is easily programmed with the use of the external keypad. Learn more.

iNSiGHT-Programmable Position CylinderRead about our patented iNSiGHT® technology in Hydraulics & Pneumatics Magazine


Configure and Download CAD Drawings

Watch our pneumatic cylinder flip a car

We manufacture high quality pneumatic & hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders made in the USA

All cylinders are made from the same high quality components in use for over 40 years. We are located in Hartford, Wisconsin, the heart of Midwest Manufacturing. View our product line.

Save money on high quality repairable air cylinders!

Our "D" Series cylinder is made with similar high quality components as our NFPA approved "K" Series cylinder but costs less. Why?

Our pneumatic cylinders were used in Battlebot combats

Our pneumatic cylinders were used for Battlebots!Jerry Clarkin and Jon Durand entered their robot SubZero in a regional Battlebot contest.

They used a D49 cylinder with some recommended changes from Motion Controls for their robot... (read more)

OEM "Specials" Part number cross reference

Cross reference your OEM part number OR does your cylinder number start with an "S?" Read more

Need Help Fast?

If you have an emergency, we can help - some same day custom shipments are possible with an expedite fee... Read more.

Credit Card Services

We accept Mastercard, Visa and American ExpressWe accept Mastercard, Visa and American ExpressWe accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express
We offer credit card services for our distributors. We accept business to business as well as class three government cards... Read more.