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Motion Controls LLC - High-quality parts for pneumatic cylinders

Our Story

The legacy of Motion Controls LLC started back in 1985, when Alkon Corporation sold its cylinder product lines to Pillar Corporation of Wisconsin. After this transaction Pillar Corporation re-established as Pillar Motion Controls in Hartford, Wisconsin. Five years later in 1990, independent investors with a background in Fluid Power purchased the product line and renamed the company Motion Controls, Inc. Under these investor’s guidance, the business experienced growth, by investing in in-house manufacturing, enhancing customer service, improving lead times, and developing expertise in application specific projects and products. In Spring 1999, a different private investor acquired the company, and registered the business as Motion Controls, LLC at the beginning of the year 2000. In 2005, the company relocated, down the road to its current Hartford, Wisconsin location, featuring a new 25,000 square foot facility with room for future expansion. The company's renewed vision drove the development of the QVLA® process, and its inSight® sensor technology which allows the integration of position feedback capabilities for linear or rotational motion as well as other sensing applications. To date, Motion Controls LLC manufactures durable, long lasting NFPA and Non-NFPA air cylinders with the option of adding inSight® sensors to a variety of these products. The latest innovation at Motion Controls LLC has been a new cylinder, specifically designed around the inSight® sensor and its capabilities. This cylinder is called the QLA and offers proportional control within an air cylinder. With its unparalleled capabilities, the QLA has proven to be a fantastic replacement for traditional diaphragm actuators and Motion Controls LLC is looking forward to developing new systems within this market.