Instrumented Actuators in a stamping machine

Vollrath LLC makes a wide variety of professional kitchen and service items for the food and drink industry, from ketchup squirt bottles to stainless steel cookware. Vollrath® was in need of a solution to automate positioning of the bottom die in their hydraulic presses. At this time, setting up the machine required operators to position the depth of the die manually, which was error prone and time consuming.

A manufacturing engineer at Vollrath® discovered the inSight® Series air cylinders from Motion Controls, which is an actuator and sensor, all in one package. inSight® Series cylinders were an ideal solution for Vollrath® due to their embedded sensor, high vibration resistance, and high shock resistance. With an inSight® Series cylinder, Vollrath® engineers were able to automate the positioning of the bottom die in their hydraulic press machines, allowing operators to input the required position with a simple knob twist.

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