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Current Product: Insight® Air Cylinder

INSiGHT® is a new cylinder series bringing new rod extension technology to industry.

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Technology Behind the Insight® Air Cylinder

QVLA® is a precise, repeatable and long lasting measurement system working on the simple principle of measuring light intensity within the air cylinder. As the piston moves more cylinder wall is available to absorb light thereby resulting in changing light intensities within the cylinder indicating rod extension.

iNSiGHT® replaces reed switches providing identical electronic outputs, easier set-up by a permanently attached keypad on the outside of the cylinder and can also be used for an end of stroke sensor. Unlike traditional switches, which can be run over with speed, iNSiGHT® establishes "end zones." Once a position is tripped an "end zone" of switched electrical signal is established.

iNSiGHT® has no magnets or coils, extremely low electrical noise and is inherently wield field immune. It works with steel, aluminum or opaque composite structures.

iNSiGHT® Series cylinder is made in two footprints. The "Dprint" is our basic D Series cylinder line with 1.25", 1.75", 2" and 2.5" bore cylinders. The "Kprint" is our NFPA K Series cylinder with 1.5", 2", and 2.5" bore cylinders. All typical mountings available.

9 foot cable standard.


Outputs: Optic-Isolated (NC or NO)

  • Voltage 100V
  • Current 150mA
  • Isolation 1500Vrms
  • LED Indicators


  • Voltage Nominal 6-12V
  • Current ∼50mA
  • ISO protected
  • 5 Micron filtered clean air required
  • 120 max psi
  • No moving parts — No magnets
  • Easy set-up and calibration
  • 1.25" to 2.5" Bore currently available
  • Temperature compensated
  • Temp range -12C to +65C
  • Infinite resolution
  • Extremely long life > 5 million cycles
  • Steel or aluminum tubes
  • One year warranty
  • Repeatability .030" to .001" (dependent on stroke length)

Set-Up Directions

  1. Press and hold for 2 seconds the yellow button corresponding to the position desired, either "Extend" or "Retract."
  2. When the corresponding orange LED blinks, physically set rod at desired position.
  3. To finish, press the blue "SET" button.
  4. Complete!

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