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Features & Benefits of QVLA Sensors

Below are just some of the benefits that can be realized from implementing QVLA technology in your operations. 

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LED Light Based Position/Volume Sensor Features of QVLA®

  • Non-contact
  • FAST!
  • Typical 1,500—4,000 Hz Faster than LVDTs
  • Measures volumes
    Cylinder, Trapezoid, Sphere, Cubes etc
  • Multiple Outputs available (no sending unit):  Voltage, Frequency, SMBus, I2C
  • Weld Field Immune
  • Compatible with transparent fluids:  Water, Air, Oil
  • Infinite Resolution
  • Fiber Optic Ready Remote hazard sensing
  • Works with Plastic, Wood, Paper, Cloth
  • Accurate: Variable to .0005 inch repeatability. Higher resolutions and repeatability possible depending on volume shape and wall material.
  • Multiple outputs available.
  • No sending unit needed for: Voltage, Frequency, SMBus, I2C.

Has NO:

  • No Software
  • No Microprocessor
  • No Magnets
  • No Special Machining
  • No Alignment
  • No Ugly, vulnerable additions
*Rather than being "ADDED" to a product, QVLA® can be a solution "DESIGNED IN" saving money, creating more reliability and better looks. With QVLA® your product contains it's own quantitative analysis.

Benefits of QVLA®

  • Unlike magnetic fields vulnerable to outside forces, QVLA®  is a contained signal.  QVLA®  has been tested in environments of electrical fields to 1,700,000 volts at 700,000 amps with no effect. 
  • QVLA®  works with cardboard, plastic, wood, metal, anything able to set up a barrier to light.
    1. Lower initial cost
    2. Solid state electronics last much longer than reed switches or potentiometers keeping repair and maintenance costs down
    3. No magnets to weaken over time.  LED life determined to be decades
    4. Seals tested to greater than 1000 miles, guaranteed to 500 miles.  Tie-rod air cylinder with iNSiGHT®is repairable.
    5. No lubrication to purchase or maintain with iNSiGHT® — assembled dry, operates dry
    6. No extra machining needed
    7. No sending unit needed
  • No speed limit 
  • Go as fast as you can, no worries about running over reed switches, no worries about reducing magnet life by actuator speed.
  • No oils or lubricants; assembled dry, operates dry.
  • Remote hazard sensing
  • Cylinder, Trapezoid, Sphere, Cubes etc.

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