Kinesthesia is your sense of motion derived from the movement of your muscles and skeleton coupled with your sense of balance from your inner ear. Our motion platforms are designed to enhance kinesthesia with a 6DOF capability constructed with the same mechanical architecture used in aerospace and military simulators. The pneumatic actuation of our motion platform creates a different kind of feel from electric and hydraulic platforms.



  • Highly responsive pneumatic 6DOF system based on hexapod geometry.
  • Operates on 100psi compressed air and 12 VDC.
  • The only single seat 6 DOF in the world.
  • Serial interface (No need for D/A cards).
  • The only broadcast-able motion signal.
  • QVLA® Sensing Technology
  • Time from command to onset of motion: less than 30 ms.
  • Great value.


DOF (degrees of freedom) is an engineering term devised in the late 19th century to determine flexibility and capability of production machinery. There were several formulas for determining the degrees of freedom and they were used competitively to describe almost any machine sold including button makers, looms, complex lathes and even sewing machines.

Today, degrees of freedom are counted by adding up possible movements described by the Cartesian (x,y,z) axes. There are two degrees of freedom possible per axis; one is rotational (spin a pencil) and the other translational (slide a pencil). The total DOF of a motion platform is calculated by adding together the possible movements on the x, y, and z axis.

Since space is a geometric phenomenon, the difference in amount and variety of movement between a 3DOF and a 6DOF platform is not merely linear. A 6DOF platform has more than twice the possible motion of a 3DOF platform because freedoms of motion compound within a motion envelope making the possibilities of 6DOF motion over 3DOF motion geometrically larger.

Hexapod architecture was specifically developed to induce compounded rotational movements to stimulate the inner ear for simulation in the aerospace industry. Although the hexapod provides the greatest possible combination of motions it cannot provide sustained g-forces for long periods of time. The only way to provide sustained g-loading attached to earth is with a centrifuge. The draw back with centrifuges is they have a limited 2DOF freedom. ViRtogo’s hexapod enhances the maximum possible human perceptions of compounded rotational motions.



Motion simulation is most productive and effective when an individual’s inner ear is located close to the center of gravity of the platform. This is not possible on large motion platforms because no matter the size of a motion platform, there is still only one center of gravity.

The Cyber Air Base was designed specifically for a close relationship between a human and the center of gravity. Instead of having one large motion platform with one center of gravity and many people on board, the Cyber Air Base provides an economical means of providing many centers of gravity i.e. one for each person.

Through-put is enhanced by spreading the task of motion between many platforms. Operation of only occupied platforms reduces costs and also provides continued cash flow in the event a single unit becomes unusable. Our optimum through-put is built for varying crowd flow. Staggered smaller groups of people can be handled with the same efficiency as a one large crowd reducing costs on slow days.

Large motion containers cannot provide the same motion to all riders. For example, when the container tips to the right the person on the left goes up while the person on the right goes down.

Constrained by a single center of gravity in large containers, ride producers attempt to create experiences true for the motion of the container, not true individual motion. Although containers have many visual and sound effects, only a few different designs of motion experiences are possible.

The 6 DOF Cyber Air Base from ViRtogo Inc. solves many of the problems associated with container rides. Motion is more intimate, each person sits closer to his or her personal center of gravity. The Cyber Air Base from ViRtogo offers truly the first intimate, individual 6DOF gaming/motion platform.

ViRtogo Inc. has adapted its motion products for use with ride films.

We have the ability to:

  • Embed motion signals on line 21 of the VITC signal to enable simple operation with a laser disk player or VCR.
  • Broadcast synchronized motion, video and audio.
  • Add aromas, vibrations, leg whips, wind, etc. to any ride film.
  • Use our light weight pneumatics to create a trailerable attraction.

ViRtogo Inc. works with different content providers to produce film and computer graphic content for your custom application.



DOF Virtogo Pneumatic Cylinder Bases

The picture shows two custom 2 DOF systems installed in an arcade connected to the video game Bumpers


Cyber Air Bases have been operating continuously for years without maintenance or failures. The electric supply is a low 12 volts, and components originate from industrial robotics for long life and no maintenance. A simple serial byte stream from a CPU or ViRtogo’s video interface provides motion commands. Hydraulic and electric platform requirements for starting, accelerating and then slowly stopping at a new position (wash in and wash out) are automatically controlled by the fuzzy logic contained in the Cyber Air Base electronics. Inherent hydraulic problems of leaks, fire and maintenance have been eliminated as well as the hard feel and high current loads of electrical systems. There is no need for expensive digital to analog cards used to operate both hydraulic and electric systems.

An added feature only available on the Cyber Air Base is a built-in serial controlled umbilical connected to the upper moving platform. This umbilical provides a new potential; a creative palette for ride producers and game programmers. Electronic connections for power, video, and audio are included as well as serial and parallel communication busses for user input devices like joysticks. Controlled options can include smell, wind, vibrations, sound, rain or …whatever the imagination can create.